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Warmly celebrate Nanjing Yu Di Teaching Equipment Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou to participate in the exhibition a complete success!

2017/06/07 18:13

  Warmly congratulate Nanjing Yu Di Teaching Equipment Co., Ltd. to participate in 2017 Fuzhou exhibition a complete success.

  We as the teaching equipment industry well-known brands, participated in this event. In the three days of the show;our booth attracted great attention, which exhibited the digital classroom and other new products to become a major highlight of this exhibition.

  We exhibited the products, by many new and old customers of all ages, many exhibitors to participate in the exhibition, the Division I exhibited the products expressed great interest, many customers are on-site detailed consultation, hope that through this opportunity In-depth cooperation. The exhibition, with many customers reached a cooperation agreement or intention at the same time, also through this exhibition and peer-friendly exchanges, made to many new friends, learned the latest market situation, opened up an international perspective, which the Yu Di teaching future development will also bring new opportunities.

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